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Welcome to communist anime porn

While we’re still waiting for a comic book about Lenin and Stalin as superheroes (the original Iron Man), the ChiComms produce some cartoon (in both senses of the word) history: …


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What will be the classics of today?

Just the other day I was again browsing at Lifeline Bookfest, the twice-yearly largest charity book sale in the world, which takes place – of all places – in Brisbane, …

A View from the High Castle

Baby It’s Woke Inside


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A View from the High Castle

December 1942. The Imperial Japanese Army, having cleared the Allied resistance across Papua New Guinea, invades the Australian mainland. Japanese armies land in Darwin, Cairns and Townsville. There is a …

w88 입금Wolyn

The Genesis Event


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Hands off my books, Marie

Who is this monster and what does she want? Book lovers are not happy about the way organization guru Marie Kondo recommends handling books in her new Netflix series “Tidying …

20 best books I’ve read in 2017


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w88 입금Radioactive mutant wolves of Chernobyl

Where would we be without tabloids to inform us about important scientific news? Scientists fear wolves living in Chernobyl’s radioactive forbidden zone may be spreading mutant genes across Europe. The …


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40 times unlucky

I honestly don’t know how these things become news stories, even for the tabloids: A student who’s been on 40 “atrocious” dates in nine months has created a brilliant Tinder …